Ama-gi = Freedom

AMA-GI  is a Sumerian word written 𒂼𒄄 ama-gi and has  been translated to English as “freedom”, as well as, “the restoration of persons and property to their original status.”  The word originates from the noun ama “mother” along with the present participle gi or”return, restore, put back.”  Assyriologist Samuel Noah Kramer has identified it as the first known written reference to the concept of freedom. Referring to its literal meaning “return to the mother”, he wrote in 1963 that “we still do not know why this figure of speech came to be used for “freedom.” 

  • Ama-gi = Freedom
  • 9448 fabric Tesserae
  • White & 1 color
  • 12 shades

The quilt work Ama-gi = Freedom is composed of 97 squares, each comprised from 144 individually cut tessera constructing the fabric mosaic pictured above.  The pattern presented below identifies the means by which that was accomplished.


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