The only way to learn is to question.” – Jean-Paul Sartre

Okay, so, true story that lends clarity to my effort as a fabric artist. I have been making inquiry of Google on two historical movements in art that I have come to believe lend credence to my current attempt at the deconstruction of the common quilt.

A few comments before I proceed regarding the use of Google as a resource – the information you get is very highly dependent on the question you ask and there is more than one way to ask a question. In many ways it is best if you squeeze out as much information as possible by refining the question into as many varient you can devise or simply revision the word order. It is worth the time to play with it.

Two subjects held my attention: first, broadly the Avant-garde, but more specifically the Vienna Succession with Gustav Klimt and the Beethoven Frieze as a primary focus. This led me by association to make inquiry into the Weiner Werstatte (Vienna Workshop). In this it appears any consideration of quilting as art or craft may be a moot point and reflect a modern bias which does not attest to the post-modern aspect of my art.

Second, my friend Karen-lisa Forbes, (www.karenlisaforbes.com), fiber and mixed media artist, had become discouraged with the condition of conversation on Facebook and sought to engage her friends on various subjects relating to art and artists. I signed up and was given Piet Mondrian poetics to explore. I knew Piet Mondrian from art pieces at the Chicago Institute of Art, but had not pursued any study of him in depth. I began inquiry into Mondrian.

If I had not done any of this research then I would never have stumbled across the webpage containing the pdf “Task 3 – Studying Surroundings – Valletta” at:


as this was one of the last connections made in this inquiry. Imagine my surprise when scrolling through the pages of this PDF post the last image displayed was this one:

No one is guiding me by the hand on this deconstruction of the common quilt. I do not have a guide book. I am following my own intuition and follow the path before me as it presents itself. Happenstance such as this keeps occurring to me and I am finding it to be consistent and prevalent. Hang in there space cadets.

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