I realize much, if not most, of what I have made available as comment on this blog has about as much clarity as mud, or has the clarity of a thick pudding, still the old saying is, “it is all in the pudding.”  This pretty much identifies what I see in my inquiry into this art that I am pursuing.  It may be entirely dense, yet incremental as clarity has begun to demonstrate itself, I am convinced of the there there.  Recently a friend of mine introduced me to Piet Mondrian in a way that was valuable.  I knew Mondrian as an artist, but not as a history.  My past few weeks have been an inquiry into that history.  The primary component that aligns most with my art is found in the magazine De Stijl, or The Style, and I will begin to compose a more relevant identification in following posts.  Hang on to your shorts fellow space cadets.

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