Mosaic is a conversation.
Mosaic is the play of light on a broken surface.
There are rules to the art of mosaic:

1. The play of light is the first rule of mosaic.

2. The surface of mosaics is irregular, even angled, to increase the dance of light on the tesserae.

3. Tesserae are irregular, rough, individualized, unique.

4. If you are creating horizontal line, place tesserae vertically.

5. If you are creating a vertical line, place tesserae horizontally.

6. The line in mosaic is supreme; the flow of the line is what matters so the eye is never disturbed or interrupted.

7. The background is very important in emphasizing the mosaic pattern. There must always be at least one line of tesserae that outlines the pattern. Sometimes there will be as many as three lines defining the pattern as part of the background.

8. There is a perfection in imperfection. The interstices or gaps between the tesserae speak their own language in mosaics.

9. Many colors are used to create one color from afar. Different hues of the same color were always used in ancient mosaics.

10. The distance from which the mosaic is viewed is important to the design, color, and execution of the mosaic.

11. The play of light is the first and last rule of mosaic.

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