True Story

Time for a true story.  My brother Michael went to school at Cal Arts in Valencia.  I liked this school as one of the first things I encountered was the clothing optional pool.  Not the story, just a memory. 

What I am talking about is “found art,” yes the elixer of the gods, provided with no interest charge for those with the eyes but to see.  All that was necessary was a small placard, easily made from half a 4×5 note card and inscribed, (we have run across this concept recently), with the notation at the top “Found Art” and at the bottom “by Michael Bernstrom” elaborated with little Horror Vacuii dodads as time made available to allow.  Then with a pen, pencil or marker that wrote, we went off on a search for Art, which at Cal Arts was fairly easy to find.  

In the hallway, a discarded Hershey candy bar wrapper that had not made the trash can and shown ever so brightly on the tile floor with the sun through the windows like a 19th century Impressionist painting.  On the placard, “discarded candy wrapper.”  The placard is then placed next to the candy wrapper.  

So the scene is this, a discarded Hershey candy wrapper is presented as a piece of art, while lying on a hallway floor, with a placard beside it stating clearly that it is a piece of art because the placard clearly reads, “found art: discarded candy wrapper: Michael Bernstrom,” and it was not just one piece, but it was “crumpled Coke can on garbage can,” “leaf caught in exit door,” “toilet paper nearly reaching the floor,” “sign” (this on a sign), so let your mind run rampant, apparently anything can be Art.  Thank you much Michael.

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