Two more on art.

“Art tends to facilitate intuitive rather than rational understanding, and is usually consciously created with this intention. Fine art intentionally serves no other purpose. As a result of this impetus, works of art are elusive, refractive to attempts at classification, because they can be appreciated in more than one way and are often susceptible to more than one interpretation.”

“Traditionally, the highest achievements of art demonstrate a high level of ability or fluency within a medium. This characteristic might be considered a point of contention, since many modern artists (most notably, conceptual artists) do not themselves create the works they conceive, or do not even create the work in a conventional, demonstrative sense. Art has a transformative capacity: confers particularly appealing or aesthetically satisfying structures or forms upon an original set of unrelated, passive constituents.”,+and+may+also+refer+to+the+technique+used.&source=bl&ots=xZ5h9_s0SZ&sig=bWG2gZg0mgW18r-VAKHKs4jUza8&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CCAQ6AEwAWoVChMIvK2LsPy_xwIVgl2SCh1Hxw6j#v=onepage&q=An%20artistic%20medium%20is%20the%20substance%20or%20material%20the%20artistic%20work%20is%20made%20from%2C%20and%20may%20also%20refer%20to%20the%20technique%20used.&f=false

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