I have been reflecting, since my last post, on how best to proceed with the thematic development of this blog so that there is an overarching construct to the broader, more basic structure of this venture into art as an outline of the means by which I perceive it to emanate, not from a training, but more from a being.

So, for the time, there are parameters, touchstones, guidelines for this inquiry which become evident as the dialogue unravels and reveals.

I have longevity in my DNA so, although there are no guarantees, I should be at this for, what, twenty or thirty years? This is what I am doing with my retirement. Until I no longer reside on this earth as a corporeal being, here I am, this is me.

“It should be added that no great importance can be attached to the mention by St. Paulinus of Nola , of ‘a perpetual light’ in the church (‘continuum scyphus argenteus aptus ad usum’; cf. P. L., LXI, 539). This certainly cannot be assumed to have been intended as a mark of respect to the Blessed Sacrament reserved for the sick. In the days before the invention of matches the continuance of some source of fire from which a light could be readily obtained was a matter of great convenience. Such a perpetual light seems to have been usually kept up, then as now, in Jewish synagogues (cf. Exodus 27:20 ; Leviticus 24:2 ), but it was only the later Talmudists who discovered in this a purpose of honouring the Torah, or Books of the Law, preserved in the Ark. The same utilitarian design probably underlay any Christian practice, which, after all, is not very widely attested, of keeping a light perpetually burning in the church.”

2 thoughts on “Light

  1. Reflecting on reflection ‘n such….”This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…” Keep shining, Bob 😉


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