What is Art?

This past weekend I attended our family reunion on my mother’s side down at my cousin’s house in the outskirts of the Cities. I had a really had a great time. While I was there I handed out a few of my homemade business cards for Bernström Quilt Works to a few select members of my family, because if you need to start somewhere, trust family and then trust friends.

While conversing with my cousin Tom he made an observation about quilts being a craft, and I clarified my sense that what I was doing was art, not craft. Yes, on the whole quilting can be considered craft, but what qualifies quilting as art? I want to spend some time here in this Blog to address how this distinction applies to what I am attempting to achieve.


5 thoughts on “What is Art?

    1. Agree, not sure stating an either-or was my intent but rather can the result of my effort at deconstructing the common quilt be construed as art. I have drawn the conclusion from artists I have studied and hold in awe this is a question where the positive results from more than the doing of it. More on this from Tolstoy and elsewhere as this conversation matures. Thank you for the connection with this blog and the comment Vicki. b


  1. Art all the way!!! Painters are artists… Nobody ever told Picasso “Hey, nice craftwork!” If you make it as Art, it is just that! It may be well crafted, but Art nonetheless!


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